30 Years Experience

Founded in 1982 and based in Freeport Maine, AEC Engineering has been on the cutting edge and specializing in the field of the Industrial Contol for 30 years and counting. With our products all over the world and in operation at hundreds of locations we have the experience and expertise you can count on. In the past we have manufactured advanced diesel engine control units, entire software and hardware systems for some of the largest municipal projects in the country. In addition we also offer OEM services for many local Maine companies.


Building on Excellence

Over our decades in business we have built strong relationships with local distributors and customers and have become known for our service and the quality of our product. With each new challenge we continue to improve on our expeirence and continue to raise the bar of excellence in our field.



Professional Ethics & Quality

Our staff takes great care to ensure that the product we deliver will continue to perform as expected long after the warranty period is up. We are a company made up of people who strive for the best and want to deliver nothing less. We also know that many of the systems we design and fabricate will control some of the most critical tasks that our customers will rely on for their everyday operations and continued safety and reliability of their systems. With ongoing training of our staff in the latest safe work practices and training in the latest and greatest safety inprovements for the products we build you can be confident that every step has been taken to ensure you will receive a product that is not only reliable but safe.


AEC ENGINEERING 172 Lower Main Street, Freeport Maine 04032 - Phone: 207.865.4190 - Fax: 207.865.4199 - Email: info@aecmaine.com